30 October 2012

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner In Nude - Review & Swatches!

I'd been looking for a nude liner for ages and eventually i came across the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner via a You Tube video. Straight away i popped it on my to buy list and on the next shopping trip i picked it up. It wasn't on the Rimmel stand but never fear sometimes they are in the drawers as mine was, the shop assistants kindly got one out of the bundle in the draw.

(I apologize for the pictures, not the best lighting today and I'm still learning how to use my camera).

The Pencil is very pigmented, soft and creamy. It's also easy to use and doesn't tug on the eye. I use it to line
my waterline and some times in the inner corner alone or under a shadow. I love how it brightens up the eye with out it being to harsh i personally prefer the look of a nude colour more than a white. 

A light Application With No Other Makeup

Left Eye With No Liner & Right Eye With Liner
  It lasts most of the day in the water line, I'm going to also test it next time i go to the pool.
I have worn the liner nearly enough every day since i purchased it, i have heard it's now hard to get hold of. So far this is the first drugstore nude eyeliner i have come across, next time i spot one i think i may have to buy in bulk. 

The only downside to the pencil is that as it is soft and creamy it can be hard to sharpen. What i try to do if i remember is pop it in the fridge for a short while before sharpening, by doing so the pencil will harden up.

The pencil also comes in 6 other colours a Purple, Bright Blue, Silver, Taupe, Bronze & Black and cost just £3.99 in Boots & Superdrug. Such amazing quality for a great price!.

 Have you tried the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner? What Are Your Thoughts?


  1. I've never tried a nude liner but I feel as if I should now. I didn't get on the white liner wagon either! Thanks for the review as I'll try and grab one.

    Laura xo

    1. Iv'e never been a fan of the white liner either. Thank you for reading hun :)xo

  2. thanks for reviewing this, i was on the lookout for a new nude!!

  3. nice nude! thx for visiting my blog ;)

    1. Your welcome, thank you for reading :)

  4. Nice post dear :)
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    1. Thank you, iv'e entered your fab giveaway hun :)

  5. I have never tried this but I am interested in trying it out. This will be my first time to use a nude eyeliner if ever. I am kinda curious about it...